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Email Recovery for Outlook Express v.3.4.0

Software to restore folders, messages and attachments, extract information from damaged DBX files, recover correspondence lost after compacting of folders.

The program is the advanced E-Mail messages restoration solution intended to retrieve information from corrupted DBX files. No matter how badly damaged were your dbx files, this program will extract your data with ease.

Retrieve messages from damaged dbx files

Outlook Express stores data in files with a .DBX extension. If a DBX file has been damaged for some reason, email program stops working correctly. For a user, this may result in a number of problems, the most typical ones being: sudden disappearance of all or some emails in the Inbox folder or other folders; inability to receive new mails; inability to delete messages; the composed message is sent several times.

The program scans DBX files and then retrieves the emails stored in them. Extracted messages are saved on the hard drive in the EML format. These .EML files can then be easily imported into Outlook Express folders or alternative e-mail programs.

Fix corrupt DBX files and recover lost emails

With the help of the software restore of data is possible even if you don't have a DBX files (after formatting the hard disk, for example) - you can perform a full disk scan and thus restore messages and attached files that seemed to be lost forever.

Whether the data loss resulted from a power outage, hardware malfunction, a virus attack or any other cause, the program will get your lost emails back along with all attachments. It also enables you to restore your correspondence if you were careless enough to format hard disk or delete partition without backing up Outlook Express data, and allows you to undelete e-mails accidentally wiped from the "Deleted Items" folder.

And that's not to mention the fact that compacting of Outlook Express folders won't be an issue anymore! The algorithms utilized by the program allows restoring even those messages that were lost due to the compaction being interrupted. With this app you won't have to fear that your whole email archive can one day suddenly disappear during a routine compaction.

The program offers you the options to retrieve all of your mails as well as individual emails. To spare you from opening and reading unnecessary messages, the app provides a built-in message filter that allows targeting your search. This way, you can, for instance, choose to save only the messages from a specific client, or those related to a certain topic. When the message is saved, the program allows you to rename it to ensure that you will not lose it again.

Whatever causes the data loss disaster, the program does its job flawlessly, recovering each and every message you need.

Note: The program works in the read-only mode and does not modify the source DBX files. The instant preview feature of the demo version of software allows you to make sure that your messages can really be extracted from a damaged dbx file.

Main features:
  • Unerase deleted emails
  • Restore messages lost during compacting folders
  • Read DBX files exceeds 2Gb limit
  • Fix corrupt/damaged folders (Inbox.dbx, Outbox.dbx, Sent Items.dbx etc.)
  • Retrieve files from formatted HDD and deleted partitions
  • Preview of messages
  • Built-in message filter
  • Bulk renaming of saved EML files
  • Creating subfolders for various groups of EML files
Compatibility information:
  • Support of OE versions: 5.0, 5.01, 5.5 and 6.0
  • Compatible with Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10

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