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Outlook Express To HTML Converter v.1.2

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With email correspondence on the rise you should be prepared for new challenges. One shouldn't be an analyst to feel the increasing volume of email correspondence with years. This is true both for private and business communications. Emailing is so easy that more and more users prefer Outlook Express as a means of file exchange. According to IT surveys, the attachment exchange amounts to about 80% of email traffic.
As our folders swell out with valuable but rather bulky messages we realise the need for tidying up. The most ardent go as far as to regularly wipe clean their folders. Sometimes that leads to the loss of valuable data. This is not to say that such drastic measures bring fatal damage to business and professional historic references. The other solution that wouldn't put a strain on your budget is to create an Outlook Express archive and to store it on inexpensive media such as a CD or a DVD. This can become a solution for small-to-medium-size enterprises to relieve their mail servers and to secure archived emails for legislation purposes. Conventional mail services and archiving software prove incapable when it comes to security and rapid access needs. The way out is to deploy software specifically designed for email services such as Outlook Express archive tool developed by emailadepts.com.

Create Outlook Express Archive that reflects your email contents

Outlook Express to HTML Converter v.1.2 will help to customise your Outlook Express archive so that the next time when you need information you know where to go. You have a choice of options to design an archive reflecting your email correspondence. Firstly, you can break down your Outlook Express archive into different senders, addressees, and periods. Secondly, you can apply different colour schemes to the output HTML files to tell them apart at a glance. By making inventory of your email archive you can speed up the search through stored messages. Just choose "Converting only the list of messages" option and you'll get an HTML list of message headlines arranged in the way you like. The program can create subfolders in your output file corresponding to the folders in the user identity of Outlook Express chosen for archiving. Alternatively it can store all filtered messages in one HTML file. The intuitive interface of the program makes light work of Outlook Express archive and it requires no experience in IT to install and operate.

We also had developed a tool to repair damaged DBX files. This comprehensive software will help you repair corrupt Outlook Express folders.

With the help of Outlook Express to HTML Converter you can put into shape the disarray of private and business correspondence. You convert heaps of emails and attachments into several structured archive HTML files available to review in any internet browser. Adroitly combining straightforward approach, high level of reliability and cost-effectiveness, emailadepts.com solution for Outlook Express archive makes perfect sense for both home PC users and SME. The trial version of the program can be downloaded from http://www.emailadepts.com/. The evaluation time is 30 days.

Also you can use Outlook Express Explorer to view the content of DBX files.

Outlook Express to HTML Converter v.1.2 at a glance
  • Export of data from any DBX file, selection of a user identity and folder as a source
  • Extraction of attachments and support for encrypted files
  • Build-in filters for exported messages
  • A choice of colour schemes for output files
  • Intuitive interface
  • Operability under Windows 98/NT 4.0/2000/Me/XP platforms