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Thunderbird Email Undelete Tool v.2.0.0

Turn Time Back - Undelete Your Thunderbird Email Database!

Those who enjoy the convenience of the free Mozilla Thunderbird email client can now take advantage of the powerful email undelete tool. Thunderbird Email Undelete Tool allows recovering emails removed from the Trash folder (and the ones that bypassed it altogether), securing you from every disaster that can threaten your precious email data.

Even if you back up your e-mail data on a regular basis, critical data loss still can strike unexpectedly, taking some important messages with it. There's no absolute protection against a careless roommate accidentally pressing Shift+Delete, or your mischievous younger brother doing the same thing on purpose.

Luckily, there is Thunderbird Email Undelete Tool, enabling you to undelete email messages that seemed to be gone forever. Whether you have already suffered data loss and would like to get your emails back, or just want to secure yourself - the program offers a smart solution just for that.

The software scans mailboxes and displays the list of e-mail messages available for recovery, allowing you to undelete the entire Thunderbird email database or the separate important emails. To make the program even more convenient, developers added filtering and Preview features that can be used to find a target email within a few seconds. Undeleted emails can then be renamed to ensure that you won't lose them again.

With its support for POP3 and IMAP accounts, a host of features and user-friendly interface Thunderbird Email Undelete Tool makes a really handy tool for any Mozilla Thunderbird user. If, however, your MBOX files were lost through hardware malfunction, power cut-off, virus infection, drive formatting, partition deletion or any other reason, recovery process will be more complicated and will require Thunderbird Email Recovery Tool to bring your correspondence back.

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