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Auto Windows Mail Backup v.1.0

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Being a popular e-mail and newsgroup client, Vista Windows Mail is storage of important data. E-mails, contacts of your friends, clients and business partners, important files and documents, appointments, meeting requests - all this data is extremely important, and the loss would be a disaster. Nobody would like to experience this worst case scenario; therefore it is natural to take the utmost care to back up the data. But burning it onto CDs or trying to copy and paste the information takes too much time. Good news: you don't need to do it anymore, as there is an efficient backup solution saving time and effort - Auto Windows Mail Backup.

Auto Windows Mail Backup is a smart tool enabling a user to backup and restore Vista Windows Mail data. Due to its user-friendly interface, the program can benefit beginners as well as advanced users, making it extremely easy to protect important information. The program boasts incremental backup, a highly efficient method which allows keeping multiple backups and has a low total storage requirement. It also ensures that you can add new data to the existing archive.

Supposing you just survived software error or hardware crash - with Auto Windows Mail Backup it's not a problem anymore, and you will never lose the address of your business partner or that sweet postcard your significant other sent you. But that's not the half of it. You will also be able to restore signatures, information on blocked and safe senders, rules, accounts, stationeries, and on Internet Explorer settings and favorites.

Moreover, if you want to transfer your Vista Windows Mail data to another computer, Auto Windows Mail Backup will be here for you. It will help you to quickly and easily transfer the necessary information, and, what is more, it allows choosing the elements to restore. Say, you want to restore only contacts or messages - no problem; Auto Windows Mail Backup will do it!

One more convenient feature of the program is the option to schedule backups using Windows Task Scheduler. This will ensure regular updates to your backup, and you won't need to keep it in mind. However, if you want you can also make backups manually. And if you are concerned about safety, you can password protect your archives, so that no authorized person could violate your privacy.

A full-featured tool, Auto Windows Mail Backup is a comprehensive backup solution for any Vista Windows Mail user. Install it and enjoy the confidence and data loss prevention!

Auto Windows Mail Backup key features are:
  • Automated and manual backup mode
  • Message folder backup and restoration
  • Backup and restoration of other information:
    • Windows Mail settings
    • Address book
    • Accounts
    • Signatures
    • Blocked senders
    • Safe senders
    • Rules
    • Stationeries
    • Internet Explorer settings
    • Internet Explorer favorites
  • Incremental backup
  • Password protection and encryption
  • A choice of data compression ratio
  • Archive filenames with time-stamps
  • Comments and user information to each backup file

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