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Windows Mail to HTML Converter v.1.1

Convert Windows Mail emails and attachments to structured HTML archives.

image, Windows Mail HTML Converter boxshot

If you're like most any user of Windows Mail, you've been receiving lots of email messages and attachments. Over the years, you've collected valuable information containing your business correspondence with customers, thousands of documents in attachments, emails with logins and passwords that you want to preserve forever. Unfortunately, Windows Mail doesn't make it easy. There is no backup option, which means your messages will be lost if you want to re-install the system or re-install the mail client itself when it crashed due to hardware failures or malicious code. Fortunately, emailadepts.com has come up with a way to export your email messages to structured HTML archives along with attachments. Now export can be pretty much a snap!

Windows Mail to HTML Converter is a small utility that you install on a Windows-based computer. Once installed, it makes the content of Windows Mail available through its own interface, letting you export the email messages to any computer folder following the filtering options you specify, and it can mercifully do so while unattended. After all, you may not want to sit around and watch all those messages while they are being backed up.

To begin the process, you run Windows Mail to HTML Converter. It opens into a wizard-like interface that displays all available folders of Windows Mail in the left area and the listing of email messages in the bottom right area. Clicking on any message opens it in the Message View window. The program comes with a default configuration for backing up archives but you can tell it exactly what parts of your mail client's data to convert. You can break down your Windows Mail archive into different senders, addresses, and periods, apply different color schemes to the HTML output to tell them apart at a glance. When you have set up everything, export is quick and easy - just click the "Convert" button and the program starts the conversion according to your preferences.

Now that you have everything converted to the HTML archive on, say, a USB flash drive or another safe storage drive, you are free to re-install the mail client, or OS. And you shall no longer worry about a foolish deletion, hardware crash or software errors that corrupt the mail client.

How to recover deleted Live Mail emails.

Exporting your Windows Mail emails and attachments to structured HTML archive files that can be viewed in any browser seems the best way to ensure that they will never be lost.

Windows Mail to HTML Converter at a glance:
  • Build-in filters for exported messages
  • Even when the HTML archive is made, you can still add new data to it
  • Extraction of attachments
  • A choice of color schemes for output files
  • Friendly and nice-looking interface
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