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Windows Mail Undelete v.3.4.0

Undelete accidentally deleted emails & contacts in Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail in a few clicks.

image, Windows Mail Undelete box

Windows Mail Undelete, as the name implies, has been designed to let Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail users recover email messages they have deleted from "Deleted Items" folder by mistake.

Compared to its successor Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail have seen large changes in terms of security. The new mail client securely addresses such problems as junk mail, email and phishing attacks but unfortunately doesn't prevent its user from such commonplace accidents as deleting emails by mistake or losing mail as a result of a software or hardware crash. To eliminate this hassle, emailadepts.com has designed Windows Mail Undelete software.

Windows Mail Undelete boasts Artificial Intelligence algorithm, which is powerful enough to recover almost any accidentally deleted email message even if it has been wiped out from the "Deleted Items" folder. Recovering deleted emails is a no-brainer because the program has such an intuitive interface that users can familiarize themselves with it right out of the box! Prior to recovery, it's possible to preview a deleted emails.

Some additional functionality has been layered on top of the standard deleted emails recovery functionality. The most important addition is recovery of deleted contacts in the address book. Deleting contacts along with deleting email messages is one of the most common mistakes that may happen to most anyone. So, users of Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail are now safeguarded from it too!

If you are like most anyone these days, sending email messages to family, colleagues is one of your most frequent computer activities. Over the months, your client tends to accumulate a large number of email messages and contacts that you, from time to time, try to get rid of. But with thousands of messages in your mailbox, it can be a challenge NOT TO DELETE an email message by mistake. If this happens, you are in for luck. Windows Mail Undelete tool will come to your rescue!

Windows Mail Undelete runs under Windows Vista and Windows 7 and requires Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail. By recovering deleted emails, it'll help you make all your email communication fun and hassle-free.

New in version 3.4.0:
  • some bugs fixed

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