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Recovery Tool for Zimbra Desktop v.1.0

The software allows you to recover messages cleared from the "Trash" folder or lost due to various reasons such as power failure, hardware malfunction, virus attacks, partition deletion and so on.

Recovery Tool for Zimbra Desktop

Main features:

  • restore messages wiped from the "Trash" folder
  • extract messages from formatted hard disk and deleted partitions
  • recover attached files
  • preview of found messages
  • support of all versions of Windows

To restore messages, follow these four simple steps:

  • Download and install Recovery Tool for Zimbra Desktop
  • Scan your hard drive
  • Save the found messages to another hard drive or flash drive
  • Import the saved messages back to Zimbra Desktop

To scan the hard drive press the "Find and recover lost emails" toolbar button, then select the necessary disk letter (usually C:) and press the "Scan!" button.

recovery step 1

After the scan is over, the program will display the list of the found messages. You need to select the items you would like to recover. You can select all items (press Ctrl+A for this) or some.

To save the found messages press the "Save recovered emails" toolbar button. Click on the "Save recovered messages in Zimbra Import file format", select the destination folder and file name (do not select a folder on your C: drive!) and press the "Save" button.

recovery step 2

To import restored emails to Zimbra Desktop start Zimbra Desktop and click on "Preferences" tab. Click on "Import/Export" item under the email account in which you want to import messages. Then click on the "Choose file" button and select your file with the recovered messages. Keep the "Destination: All Folders" unchanged. Press the "Import" button.

recovery step 3

Messages will be imported to the "RecoveredMessages" folder. You can browse and sort the emails in that folder any way you like. Using drag&drop, you can move the messages from the "RecoveredMessages" folder to other folders where you want to have them stored. When you are done, simply delete the "RecoveredMessages" folder.

recovery step 4