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Windows Mail Recovery found a lot of deleted messages. Can I apply an email filter?

This article describes the mechanism of email filtering available in Windows Mail Recovery and explains the principles of creating email filters to work with the list of messages after email recovery.

After recovering deleted emails in drive scanning mode, all messages found are displayed in Windows Mail Recovery in a single list. To search such a list for an important, but accidentally deleted email is like looking for a needle in a haystack, since, in addition to the needed emails, the program will definitely find hundreds of deleted spam messages. In this case, to your aid comes the built-in Windows Mail Recovery email filter, with which you can conveniently sort the list of recovered messages, separating out all the spam message garbage.

The Windows Mail Recovery email filter and the creation of filtering rules

To open an email filter please click on the "Filter messages" icon on the main panel. The message filter dialog box appears on the screen, in which the email filtering parameters are shown. In Windows Mail Recovery it's possible to perform email filtering on the From, To, and Subject fields of emails, as well as on the date.

Message filter in Windows Live Mail Recovery

To find messages using the values of the From, To, and Subject fields, you must create an email filtering rule. To add a rule, click the "Add" button (to remove a rule, accordingly, click "Delete"). Then, in the "Where" field, the email fields (From, To, or Subject) to be searched are shown. In the "Condition" field, the search conditions are shown - in this case the value of the "Value" field will or will won't appear in the email field. In the "Value" field enter the key phrase: for example, the email address of the sender of the email we want to recover (with a condition of email filtering on the "From" field).

Example of using of the Message filter

To refine the search, you can use two or more rules. They can be used together (the "All rules must be fulfilled" option) to improve the effectiveness of the email filter if there are a large number of recovered emails, and in parallel (the "Any of these rules must be fulfilled" option) if you're not quite sure of the parameters of the desired message.

Email filtering by date is simple. It's sufficient to check boxes in the appropriate fields and specify the date before which or after which the desired email was created. For a more refined search, you can specify both fields, and then the result will be a selection of messages created in the specified time interval.

To apply an email filter after specifying all the parameters, you must click the "Apply" button. The same principle of working with email filters is used in other products from emailadepts.com, for example, Email Recovery for Mozilla Thunderbird.