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Import recovered message back to Windows Mail: a how-to primer.

This article describes methods for e-mail message import to Windows Mail. Performing a Windows Mail transfer is necessary for properly completing the process to restore e-mails.

After users restore emails with the help of Windows Mail Recovery, a quite understandable question arises: how to import to Windows Mail all of these recovered messages.

Automated method for e-mail message import to Windows Mail.

If e-mail storage scanning mode (used to undelete emails) has been chosen, then the recovered .eml files will be placed in the corresponding folders in the mail folder tree (in keeping with the Windows Mail folder structure). In this case, for import to Windows Mail it is better to make use of the mail program's built-in features.

Important! To perform a Windows Mail transfer (to import e-mails), users are urged to launch the mail program with administrator privileges.

Go to the menu item File->Import->Messages and select either Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail as the format (depending on the mail client which you use). Then indicate the root directory in which the folder and message structure is located, and begin message import to Windows Mail.

Note! When using Windows Mail on Windows Vista, the following glitch is possible: the program may incorrectly interpret file paths. For example, C:\mypath\ becomes C:\mypath\mypath\. Before beginning Windows Mail transfer, make sure that the file path has been set correctly.

Manual method for e-mail import to Windows Mail.

In hard disk scan mode to recover emails after a software, hardware or disk formatting failure, the recovered e-mails will be presented as a single list. In this instance it is best to perform a manual import to Windows Mail of these messages. Performing a Windows Mail transfer here is very simple: just drag and drop the necessary number of .eml files from the folder in Windows Explorer to the corresponding internal folder in the mail client. The manual method for message import to Windows Mail is recommended when the built-in import wizard is unable to do so. It is also more convenient to use the manual method for message import to Windows Mail when moving a small number of messages after you recover emails.

After message import is complete, you can relax knowing that your efforts for a Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail restore of messages have been successful.

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