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What is the difference between Windows Mail Recovery and Windows Mail Undelete?

This article explains the differences between Windows Mail Recovery Windows Mail Undelete, which are designed to recover lost emails. But one of them can only undelete emails, and the second, in addition to this, can recover deleted emails even after formatting the disk.

In the line of programs that recover deleted emails, emailadepts.com offers two utilities that have similar names, but differ in functionality: Windows Mail Undelete and Windows Mail Recovery. They are designed for different types of deleted emails.

Windows Mail Undelete is an undelete tool for mistakenly deleted emails. Thanks to advanced algorithms, the WM Undelete utility can recover any accidentally deleted emails, whether the emails were wiped out through the Deleted Items folder, or erased directly with the keyboard shortcut <Shift>+<Del>. The program operates in a single mode - email storage scanning. Scanning email storage allows it not only to recover lost messages, but also to restore the folders in which they were stored

Windows Mail Recovery has all the functionality of the undelete tool, Windows Mail Undelete, plus an additional hard drive scanning mode. Disk scanning mode should be used when email storage analysis will not restore the necessary data or email storage scanning is impossible. Scanning your hard drive is a more time-consuming process, but at the same time, it's more effective - it can be used to recover deleted emails even after formatting the HDD or deleting the logical disk partition. In hard drive analysis mode, it is technically impossible to restore the folder where a particular email was stored. Therefore, all undeleted emails will be in one general list.

Thus, simply speaking, WM Recovery is an enhanced version of WM Undelete with broader possibilities for recovering lost emails.

  Windows Mail Undelete Windows Mail Recovery
Email storage scanning mode + +
Hard drive scanning mode - +
Undeletes emails + +
Recovers deleted emails after formatting the hard disk - +
Undeletes contacts + +
Thoroughly recovers deleted contacts - +

Windows Mail Undelete and Windows Mail Recovery are shareware software. Therefore, when choosing a program, make sure that it exactly meets your needs and is suitable for your tasks