Contacts Recovery for Outlook Express

Contacts Recovery for Outlook Express

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Robust tool to restore contacts from corrupted Windows Address Book, repair WAB files and easily undelete contacts accidentally deleted from a Windows Address Book. It also lets you review the changes made to your contacts.

Keeping a list of contacts in the address book is vital for quick and effective communication, regardless of its type: personal or business. If some contacts become accidentally lost, it seriously damages our ability to keep in touch with friends, colleagues, and in case of businesses - with clients. The latter in its turn may translate into lost sales and benefits.

The only thing you could do if you kept your contacts in a good old paper notebook is scratching head and straining memory, trying to recall the contact. But we all live in the digital age and you (like most anyone these days) keep your contacts in the digital form on the computer. E-contacts are also exposed to dangers and risks of being lost due to a hardware malfunction or a devastating virus attack. Fortunately, the good thing about electronic contacts is that they can be recovered and back on track if you use special software.

Contacts Recovery for Outlook Express is a good solution for anyone who stores contacts on the computer in Windows Address Book (WAB files). A WAB file stores contacts from Outlook Express mail client and DBX files (max size is 2 gigabytes) stores messages. Using this WAB repair software couldn't be simpler and more convenient. It can help users undelete accidentally deleted contacts in the address book or recover contacts from damaged WAB files.

The WAB restoration process assisted by the program is limited to just a couple of clicks. As you launch the program, you'll be presented with a list of all contacts that you have in your Windows Address Book, plus deleted contacts that are marked with a red "X" mark. Check the boxes of the contacts you want to recover, hit the Repair WAB file button and then wait a bit for the program to recover the contacts. As you can see, there is nothing difficult in the Address Book recovery process and no deep technical skills are necessary.

How to repair damaged Outlook Express dbx file.

The recovered contacts can be saved in VCF that stands for vCard file format. It is a standard for personal data interchange, especially e-business cards. VCF files can be then exported to other programs with ease. It goes without saying that you can move your contacts, restored with the help of Contacts Recovery tool, back to Windows Address Book. It can be done in Outlook Express through the Menu-File-Import-vCard sequence.

For many users, Windows Address Book is the main instrument to organize their contacts. Thus, damaged WAB file or a contact that has been accidentally deleted from such a file can mean loss of very important information. With Contacts Recovery for Outlook Express, you can be 100% sure your contact information is never lost and always at hand!

With this tool you can recover

  • contacts from corrupted Windows Address Book
  • contacts from hard disk
  • deleted contacts
  • repair damaged WAB file
  • export contacts from WAB file to VCF or CSV format
  • compatible with Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
  • compatible with all versions of Outlook Express
  • no special requirements
Important: The program reads Outlook Express address book files (WAB files), but neither modifies nor makes any records in the source file.