Recovery Tool for Mozilla Thunderbird

Restore permanently deleted or compacted messages and folders from Thunderbird, repair corrupted MBOX files, recover emails from the local disc.

Key features are:

  • undelete messages wiped from the Trash folder
  • extract emails from compacted folders or deleted accounts
  • repair of corrupted MBOX files
  • maintenance of several profiles and Portable version of Mozilla Thunderbird
  • safe Read-Only access to files and drives, which excludes the risk of data corruption
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The program has been designed to become an all-in-one solution for recovering messages lost through some data disaster or deleted accidentally, and offers advanced data recovery capabilities which makes it a real lifesaver for Mozilla Thunderbird users.

Even if you are organized enough to back up your correspondence on a regular basis, you cannot be safe from data loss striking right a day or two before the next timely backup and wiping critically important emails. While such problems are almost impossible to prevent, you can deal with the consequences by employing Recovery Tool for Mozilla Thunderbird . How can you recover Thunderbird mail after a hdd crash? Simply download and use this software. It also helps you to recover corrupt Thunderbird inbox.

Whether your mails were lost through hardware or power failure, virus activity, disk formatting, partition deletion or a simple human error, the program enables you to restore them quickly and easily. Regardless of the reason the data was lost, the program brings the messages back in a few easy steps. The software does the job other programs fail to do, recovering emails even from deleted Thunderbird accounts or after Mozilla Thunderbird has had compacted folders.

Product Info

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Release Date:
Installer size:
7.7 Mb
Version Support:
All versions of Thunderbird
Personal, Business, Technician

System Requirements

Pentium Class
Operating System
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
2 GB and above


Download now to start using Recovery Tool for Mozilla Thunderbird

*Use the free trial to ensure all the desired data can be restored. The free trial does not allow you to save recovered data.

Main features

Easy recovery of permanently deleted emails

With the aid of this program, recovering messages is made quick and simple, even if you have cleared the Trash folder and deleted emails using Shift+Del

Restore thunderbird emails from compacted folders

To save space on the storage device and improve productivity, Thunderbird regularly compacts folders. During this process, the information about deleted messages is removed from MBOX files. Low level content-aware algorithm allows the user to effectively recover such emails.

Extraction of emails from lost folders

One of unpleasant issues occasionally faced by Mozilla Thunderbird users are lost folders. These folders have not been deleted and are still stored on the disk but for some reason Thunderbird does not show them. If you are an IT specialist or a tech-savvy user, you may be able to solve this problem without additional programs. However, with the Recovery Tool for Mozilla Thunderbird anyone can easily recover lost folders.

Data recovery from deleted folders and accounts

Emails from deleted folders and accounts can be successfully recovered directly from the local disc, thanks to the low level content-aware algorithm of this program.

Repair of corrupted MBOX files

A corrupted MBOX file can be repaired. You have a choice to either save it as a new MBOX file or extract the messages from the corrupted file and save them in EML format.

Pre-Recovery Preview

Thanks to this feature, you can determine which Emails will be recovered. You can preview the messages and only select the ones you want to be restored.

Safe and user friendly program

This program operates exclusively in read-only mode to ensure the maximum security of the data stored on the disks. The accessible and comprehensive interface will not cause any difficulties throughout the use of the program.

Maintenance of several profiles and Thunderbird Portable

If you are using several Thunderbird profiles at the same time or if you have Thunderbird Portable it won’t be a problem. The program includes all existing profiles and you can select the hard disc drive location of where you installed Thunderbird Portable.

MAILDIR format support

Modern versions of Thunderbird support the mailboxes in MAILDIR format. In this format each message is stored as a separate file and the inbox itself is saved as a location on the hard drive. Recovery Tool also supports MAILDIR format.

How It works?



If you are undeleting messages from the Thunderbird profile, you can save files in any location. If you are recovering messages from the local disk, it is recommended that you save files on a different disk to avoid overwriting existing data.

If you are undeleting messages from the Thunderbird profile, all attachments will be restored. If you are restoring messages from the disc it is possible not all attachments may be restored due to the chance that some data on the disc might have been overwritten.

The free demo allows the user to perform a scan of a Thunderbird profile or a local disc and view the messages that had been found. Once you have witnessed the efficacy of the program, you may activate the demo version and save the recovered data.