Recovery Tool for Windows Live Mail

Efficient solution to restore deleted folders and messages. Extract messages after reinstalling the OS and from formatted HDD.

  • recovers permanently deleted messages
  • extracts emails from erased folders and accounts
  • efficient and effective content-aware recovery algorithm
  • safe, read-only access to files and drives, which eliminates the risk of data damage
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Product Overview

The program is designed to retrieve permanently deleted emails (cleared from "Deleted Items" folder), as well as messages from deleted folders and accounts, and provides ultimate protection against data loss for Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail users.

When you delete an email message, its contents are not actually erased - it is only the file entry that's removed. However, if a message has been erased from the "Deleted Items" folder, and the Recycle Bin has been emptied, the message can no longer be recovered by the Windows operating system. And that's the time to employ advanced capabilities offered by our program.

A low level content-aware algorithm is applied to restore your mail. The program sequentially reads data blocks from the disk and analyses the content of each block. This approach is much more effective than a simple analysis of the file system.

A comprehensive mail recovery solution, our software helps you extract your Windows Live Mail messages even if the hard drive has been formatted. Recovery itself is a smooth ride thanks to the user-friendly interface, which has been optimized to allow you to get comfortable with this software in no time.

Whether you have deleted critically important correspondence from your business partner, a funny message from your friend or a love letter from your significant other - this program will help you get it back. Install it now and forget about Windows Live Mail data loss!

Product Specifications

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Release Date:
Installer size:
17.9 Mb
Version Support:
All versions of Windows Live Mail
Personal, Business, Technician

System Requirements

Pentium Class
Operating System
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
2 GB and above


Download now to start using Recovery Tool for Windows Live Mail

*Use the free trial to ensure all the desired data can be restored. The free trial does not allow you to save recovered messages.

Main features

Easily retrieve permanently deleted emails

Mail can be restored even if you emptied the Deleted Items folder or deleted messages using Shift + Del

Recover folders and messages from deleted accounts

The correspondence from deleted folders and accounts can be successfully revived directly from the local disk, thanks to the low level content-aware algorithm used by our program.

Save e-mail messages in EML format

Detected emails can be saved as individual EML files and can be imported into any e-mail program. In the process of saving, EML files can also be renamed.

Pre-Recovery Preview

Thanks to this feature, you can preview the emails available for recovery, and select the ones you would like to save.

Safe and easy to use software

The program operates exclusively in read-only mode in order to guarantee maximum security of the information stored on the hard drive. Simple and comprehensive interface makes our program easy to navigate.

How does it work?



To avoid overwriting data, our recommendation is to save the files on a drive different to the one that you are performing recovery from.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to fully restore all files during the recovery from a disk, because of the possibility that some data might have been overwritten.

The free demo allows you to perform a scan of the hard drive and preview the mail that can be restored. As soon as you witness the effectiveness of our software, you may activate the full version and gain access to saving emails.