How to Recover Missing Folders in Windows Live Mail

One of the problems that users of the Windows Live Mail client sometimes encounter is lost folders. If you opened Windows Live Mail and could not find one or more folders, despite the fact that you did not delete them, then this article is for you. Lost folders are folders that have not been deleted and are still stored on the computer’s hard drive, but the mail program does not display them. Three methods for restoring such folders are described below.


Using the trick with switching to Compact View

Often exactly this method allows you to recover lost folders. The method is based on switching Windows Live Mail to Compact View mode. In this mode, the user has the opportunity to select folders for display, and you can choose from all existing folders, including those that were lost. After you select the folder that you lost to display in Compact View, this folder will be again connected to the folder tree.

To do this:

  1. Open Windows Live Mail. Click on the View tab and click on the Compact View button. The folders panel on the left side of the program window will be collapsed into a narrow vertical column containing a set of icons. Enable Compact View
  2. Click on the green icon with the image of the Plus sign. plus sign In the list of folders that appears, select the folders that you lost and click OK. List of available mail folders
  3. Click the Compact View button again to exit this mode. In the newly appeared left panel, you should see all the missing folders.

Recovery of lost folders by importing them from the Windows directory in which messages are stored

Since the lost email folder was not deleted and the messages are still stored on the local hard drive, you can restore it by importing messages from the Windows directory containing the folder files.

To do this:

  1. Open My Computer and go to the folder C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail
  2. Find the folder with the email account, the folders from which you want to restore, and copy it to a safe place, such as an external hard drive or flash drive. email account directory
  3. Open Windows Live Mail and click File -> Import messages. Import messages menu
  4. In the Windows Live Mail Import window, select Windows Live Mail and click Next. Choose data format
  5. Select the folder into which you copied the messages in step 2 and click Next.
  6. Click Selected folders, select the folder you want to restore and click Next. Select lost folder
  7. Click Finish. click Finish The folder that you restored will appear in the folder pane, under Imported Folder. You can drag it with the mouse into the appropriate account. Imported folder

All-in-one solution. How to recover lost folders and deleted messages

Another way to recover folders and messages is to use the Recovery Tool for Windows Live Mail. Follow these steps:

  1. Install and run Recovery Tool for Windows Live Mail.
  2. Click on the Find and recover lost emails button. retrieving lost folder data The program scans the Windows Live Mail message store and displays a list of found folders. lost folder

If you see a lost folder, then:

  • In the folders pane on the left, check the box next to the lost folder that you want to recover and click on the Save recovered emails button. retrieving lost folder data
  • In the Select Output Folder window that opens, select the directory in which you want to save the data and click Save. select output folder
  • Open Windows Live Mail and create a new folder instead of the lost one. Open My Computer and go to the directory where you saved the messages from the lost folder. Press Ctrl + A to select all the messages in the directory. Use the mouse to drag messages from the Windows directory to the Windows Live Mail folder. import eml files to windows live mail

If you do not see the lost folder, then perhaps it has been deleted. In this case, you can still recover deleted messages. How to do this, see the article How to recover missing messages in Windows Live Mail.