Contacts Recovery for Mail App

A tool to recover deleted or disappeared contacts from the People address book of the Mail application on Windows 10 and 11

  • recover deleted or disappeared contacts
  • restore contacts even if deleted from the server or the cloud
  • export contacts in two popular formats: vCard and CSV
  • safe, read-only access to files, precluding data loss
  • very easy to use, no specialized knowledge required
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Product Overview

The Mail app is a free program provided along with Windows 11 and Windows 10. Its simple interface, sufficient functionality for most consumers, and its availability free of charge and "out of the box: have made it the most popular choice among Windows users. And since Windows 10 uses the People address book, the People app has likewise become popular for storing and handling personal contacts.

The Windows 10 Mail address book can store contacts locally as well as sync up with online address books. Local contacts and cached contacts from online address books are stored in a database file called "store.vol". When you delete a contact, it is not immediately removed from the database. The corresponding entry in the database is marked as deleted and is no longer visible to the user, but it remains in the file.

The program scans the store.vol file to find and recover deleted contacts using a special low-level, content-aware algorithm. The contacts can be saved in one of two file formats: VCF or CSV. These files can then be easily imported into any other address book.

If you have lost your contacts as a result of reinstalling Windows, you still have a high likelihood of recovering them. To do so, you need to scan your computer’s local disk using the Contacts Recovery for Mail App.

Product Specifications

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Release Date:
Installer size:
15.3 Mb
Supported versions of Mail App:
Windows 10 or later
Personal, Business, Technician

System Requirements

Pentium Class
Operating System
Windows 11, Windows 10
2 GB or more


Download now to start using the Contacts Recovery for Mail App

* Use the demo version to confirm that the contacts you need can be recovered. Contacts cannot be saved with the demo version.

Main features

Recover Windows 10 Mail contacts stored in the local database

When a contact is removed, the contact card in the store.vol database is not removed immediately; rather, it is simply marked as deleted. This makes it possible to extract and restore deleted Windows 10 Mail contacts from the database file.

Restore contacts from online Address Books connected to the People App

Contacts from address books stored in the cloud that are connected to the Mail App address book are cached in the local database. This makes their recovery possible even if the contacts have been deleted not only locally but on the server side as well.

Recover Windows 11 Mail contacts after reinstalling the operating system

If you have reinstalled Windows without first backing up your data, you may lose your locally stored contacts. To restore them, use this tool.

Export Windows 10 Mail contacts to VCF or CSV

The contacts are saved to VCF or CSV files, so you can use the app to export Windows 11 Mail contacts to VCF or CSV format.

Preview of the contacts

Thanks to our program’s capabilities, you can determine which contacts can be restored and select the ones you want to save.

A simple tool to use

Thanks to its simple interface, anybody can use the app to recover or export Mail App contacts. No specialized knowledge is required.

App screenshots

Video tutorial

How to restore Windows 10 Mail contacts