Outlook Express 2Gb Folder Size Limit Problem

How to repair oversized DBX file in Outlook Express.

All messages in Outlook Express are stored in special DBX files. Every folder of Outlook Express has its own single DBX file. It means that Inbox.dbx file contains messages for Inbox folder, Outbox.dbx file contains messages for Outbox folder and so on. Maximum allowed size of DBX files is equal 2Gb and that can cause some serious problems. Point is that the users often use e-mail nowadays to exchange different files with each other. As a rule, these are documents, photos, music, videos, program files, etc. All these files are of big size and your mailbox can eventually reach the 2Gb limit.

When DBX file reaches its size limit in 2Gb you can't place any messages in it anymore. But the worst is that you can't delete any emails from this folder to make its size smaller. Actually there are two options for your to choose:

  • delete a corresponding DBX file and create a new empty one instead loosing all the messages stored in this file at that
  • use a special tool to repair your Outlook Express folder

If you are not going to lose all the messages stored in the folder irrecoverably, use Repair Tool for Outlook Express.

To repair an oversized Outlook Express folder:

  1. Close Outlook Express window
  2. Start Repair Tool for Outlook Express
  3. Select oversized OE folder in the left part of the window and wait for the folder scan to complete
  4. Click the "Save recovered messages" button on the toolbar
  5. Select output folder and press the "Save" button
  6. Move the oversized DBX file from Outlook Express store folder
  7. Run OE and click on oversized folder (new empty .dbx file will be created)
  8. Drag&drop saved EML files from Windows folder into OE folder
Detailed description of how to repair corrupted Outlook Express folder