Refund Policy

All software by are available for free testing before purchasing. A user should download and try a program before deciding to buy it.

In spite of the free testing opportunities, we provides 30-days (after purchase date) money-back guarantee.

Reasons to Refund Money

Detection of a technical deficiency in the software which prevents it from performing its main function.

Exchange Options

If a customer made a mistake in the course of purchasing a product, will provide an opportunity to exchange the product for free, with an extra payment or a refund to cover the difference in prices between various products.

Submitting a Request

To be granted a refund, you should submit your request to the technical support department via our online form. Your request should specify the reason for return, product name and the date when the software was purchased.

After providing the user with a consultation and if the problem cannot be solved, we will make a refund within 72 hours.

The time when the money is deposited to the customer’s account depends on the speed of banking operations and payment systems and cannot be influenced or regulated by

Refundable Amount

The customer will be given a complete refundable amount without fees of payment systems or delivery cost of the product.