Export Tool for Mail App

A simple way to switch over to using Outlook for Mail & People apps users.

  • total migration from the Mail App to Outlook desktop
  • export Windows 10 Mail App data to a PST file
  • export People App Address Book to a PST file
  • attach newly created PST files to an Outlook profile
  • create and configure IMAP/POP3 accounts in Outlook
  • attach the newly created Outlook accounts to the respective PST files
  • convert messages from the Mail App to EML format
  • convert People App contacts to VCF format
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Product Overview

The Export Tool for Mail App allows for the quick and effortless migration from the Windows Mail and People apps into the Outlook desktop application. To accomplish this, the program copies over the messages and contacts from the Mail App database into PST/OST files, links the newly created files to an Outlook profile, and also creates and configures IMAP/POP3 accounts. All you will need to do after exporting the data is to enter the passwords for your accounts.

The Export Tool also allows the conversion of Mail App messages and People App contacts into EML and VCF formats. This means you can use the Windows 10 Mail App migration utility for transferring messages and contacts into any other email client, such as Mozilla Thunderbird or eM Client.

This Windows 10 mail app converter performs an exceptionally precise message conversion, retaining the structure of subfolders, attachments, in-line images, text formatting, headers, and even properties such as importance and flagged status.

Product Specifications

Export Tool for Windows Mail App box
Release Date:
Installer size:
22.2 Mb
Supported Windows Mail versions:
Windows 8 and later
Supported Outlook versions:
Outlook 365, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007
Personal, Business, Corporate

System Requirements

Pentium Class
Operating System
Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8
2 GB and above
Outlook must be installed


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*The demo version exports the first 25 messages from each folder and the first 25 contacts from the People address book. In addition, account creation in Outlook is unavailable in the demo version.

Advantages of using the Export Tool for Mail App

This Windows 10 mail app converter was designed as an all-in-one Windows Mail-to-Outlook migration solution. That means you won’t need any additional tools or steps (such as exporting messages and contacts into an intermediate format or a transitory imap account). You also won’t need any specialized skills or experience. The Export Tool contains everything you need for a quick migration from Mail and People into Outlook or any other email client.

Main features

Direct copying of messages from Mail App into Outlook

The Export Tool for Mail App migrates messages into PST files with full retention of text formatting, attachments, in-line images, headers, and properties. You can choose whether to create a separate PST file for each Mail App mailbox or to create a single PST file for all the mailboxes.

Migration of People Address Book into Outlook

This Windows 10 Mail migration tool copies the contacts from the People address book into a PST file, retaining all the fields.

Creating and configuring IMAP/POP3 accounts in Outlook

Depending on your needs, the Windows 10 Mail converter can copy over mail service account settings from Windows Mail into Outlook, including the incoming (IMAP/POP) and outgoing (SMTP) server settings, and link the newly created accounts with the PST/OST files containing the messages from those accounts.

Exporting Mail App messages into EML files

This is another highly useful capability of the Windows 10 Mail Export Tool. Messages saved in EML format can be imported into any email program or online service.

Exporting People app contacts into VCF files

The progratm also saves the People app’s contacts in VCF format. VCF files can be easily imported into any app’s address book.

Retaining the folder structure & folder mapping

When messages are copied from Mail App folders into a PST file, the subfolder structure is retained. Messages from the Inbox folder are copied into a corresponding Inbox folder, messages from the Sent folder are copied into a Sent folder, and so on.

Single, Bulk, and Selective Migration

You can either export an individual Mail App mailbox (or even only some folders from that mailbox) into a PST file, or export all the mailboxes at once.

Auto-detection of the Mail App storage folder location

The application is able to find the folder containing the Windows Mail and People app data on its own. You can also specify the folder path to the data yourself.

How It works?

How to use the Export Tool to migrate from the Mail App to Outlook


How to migrate from Mail App to Outlook


The Windows Mail and People app data are found in the folder: "C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Comms\"

The size of the files is only limited by the maximum size of PST files in Outlook.

You can export just one, as well as several, or all accounts at once.

The demo version allows you to save the first 25 messages from each folder and the first 25 contacts from address book. Also, the demo version does not allow you to transfer the account setting to Outlook. The full version does not have these limitations.

Yes, an installed Outlook program is a requirement.